Welcome to Kylé Music - Top vocal trainers and artist grooming.

Top South African artists like Craig from Watershed, Louise Carver, Julia Lamberti, Chomee, Owami, Mia, Candice Hillebrand, Latoya, Thembi Seete (Boom Shaka), Brandon Auret, Arthur’s artists (king of Kwaito), Jmaxx, Rea le Roux (well known Afrikaans artist) and many more have received their vocal training from Kylé Music.

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Jessica Kinnear signs with Musketeer through Kylé Music

Another artist gets a recording contract through Kylé Music.

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It's a singer thing - get your own vocal training cd toda

Get your own copy of It's a singer thing vocal training CD for your daily vocal training, rehearsals and warm-ups before shows.

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